1. How does this program work?

We will provide you with a brand-new, state-of-the-art, LED video display at what ends up being no cost to the school. We will pay for that video display by allowing local businesses to place advertising on it. It’s a very simple process and takes minimal work from the school.

2. Aside from sports and advertisements, what other benefits are there for the school?

A video display can improve nearly any event you can imagine – graduation, pep rallies, concerts, ceremonies etc. You can even use the live camera feed to display speaker and student profile information.

3. What happens if we don’t secure enough advertising for the video display?

There is no cost or obligation if Score Rewards does not secure project funds.

4. How many businesses will it take to secure the video display?

The number of businesses varies on the size of the project. For our standard video project, it normally takes four to five businesses.

5. What is required for the school after the indoor video display is installed?

The school is obligated to operate the video display and maintain the equipment in working order. The school is obligated to change advertisers on the sponsor panels and update digital advertisements when received from Score Rewards.

1. What are the additional benefits for my business if we go with the Gold package as opposed to the Silver package?

The gold level advertiser receives a 14-foot static advertisement panel versus the 7-foot for silver. The digital advertisement for gold can be changed as frequently as monthly while the silver gets changed on a quarterly basis.

2. If I am thinking about becoming a sponsor on this video display what do I get out of it?

Participants in ScoreRewards reap two significant benefits. They receive incredible advertising exposure to targeted customers in a captive environment. They also generate enormous community good-will by supporting local schools.


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