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The Score Rewards Story

Score Rewards was launched as an alternative to traditional fundraising in 2013. As a division of Sportable Scoreboards, we are helping organizations across the country acquire state-of-the-art video displays via advertising from local businesses.

How Sportable Scoreboards started

Thirty one years ago, Mike Cowen was sitting at his son’s baseball game. As he was watching, he noticed that there wasn’t a scoreboard to track the game. Cowen with his engineer and manufacturing background decided to make a portable scoreboard in his garage. Cowen decided to create more portable units and eventually it became his fulltime job.

Cowen knew that he didn’t want to remain in California and decided to move to Murray, KY. At the time Murray was considered one of the top places to retire and The Land between The Lakes is a great attraction as well. Once Cowen moved to Murray, he began to move into permanent scoreboards.

Although the main focus for Sportable Scoreboards has been to sell retail, Cowen realized that there are schools that can’t afford scoreboards. Cowen formed Score Rewards to reach out to the advertisers to fund the scoreboards to the schools, parks and recreations. The advertisers and the school would enter a partnership with Score Rewards on projects. Six years ago, Score Rewards was formed. Four years ago, Score Rewards moved into offering advertiser funded indoor video displays to high schools and colleges.

Score Rewards Team

Ron Watson
Sales Manager


Joey Bazzell
Project Manager


Tom Trinidad
Graphic Designer


Blake Munger
Project Manager


Tom Zeiter
Site Survey Coordinator


Rob Henry
I.T./Video Display Technician


Lindsey Gaines
Project Coordinator


Meagan Elliott
Digital Designer