Frequently Asked Questions for Schools

How does this program work?

We will provide you with a brand-new, state-of-the-art, LED video display at what ends up being no cost to the school. We will pay for that video display by allowing local businesses to place advertising on it. It’s a very simple process and takes minimal work from the school.

Aside from sports and advertisements, what other benefits are there for the school?

A video display can improve nearly any event you can imagine – graduation, pep rallies, concerts, ceremonies etc. You can even use the live camera feed to display speaker and student profile information.

What happens after 5 years?

You can sign back on with ScoreRewards on a year-to-year basis and split the revenue with us 50/50. Score Rewards will continue to add advertisers, coordinate graphics, collect money, etc. You will also be free to part ways from us altogether and create your own revenue stream.

Who takes care of installation?

Score Rewards will handle all installation costs – except running power and communication.

What happens if we don’t secure enough advertising for the video display?

The project will not close and you will not be responsible for the initial investment. At this point the school would assume no further responsibility.

How many businesses will it take to secure the video display?

It depends on the project. Usually between 5 to 8 advertisers are needed to close a project.

Frequently Asked Questions for Sponsors

Do you offer advertising exclusivity for businesses such as banks or wireless providers?

Yes, industry exclusivity will be granted with the purchase of a Gold Level advertising package.

What are the additional benefits for my business if we go with the Gold package as opposed to the Silver package?

As a Gold sponsor you would receive these extra benefits:

  • Larger sponsor panel affixed to the video display
  • More run-time on the video display
  • Ability to run a 30 second commercial
  • Change your ad as much as you would like

If I am thinking about becoming a sponsor on this video display what do I get out of it?

Participants in ScoreRewards reap two significant benefits. They receive incredible advertising exposure to targeted customers in a captive environment. They also generate enormous community good-will by supporting local schools.

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